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12 C&C Trucks delivered to Russia

Date:2016-04-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: Truck Star Company located in Novosibirsk City is a cooperative partner that C&C to open up the Russian market. With the global energy crisis, a new round of energy competition kicked the curtain. “Shale gas revolution in the United States, China and Russia signed a $400 billion natural gas, Russian government to actively promote the use of natural gas resources…”, with this background, C&C aimed at the market, exported 6 * 4 CNG gas dump truck to Russia. After Russia strict testing and certification, the first batch of 12 vehicles has been successfully delivered to the user.

In Siberia, Russia, nearly half a year is covered with white snow, and the lowest temperature is in minus 40 degrees Celsius. This puts forward severe challenges to the truck driving, especially as a result of the dump truck specific usage must be subject to make rollover certification by Russia Certification Department.

From April 5 to 15 in2016, Russia is still in ice and snow, Russian Truck Star Company sent 4 technical engineers to C&C to participate in 10 days of technical training. In work, C&C customer service department organized professional engineers from the technical department, the international business department, the Department of accessories, quality and technology department and other departments to participate in the first meeting of the two sides. Russia's overall evaluation of C&C trucks is durable, strong power and security. In view of the problems need to improve, the two sides exchanged views on the improvement project and date. In life, C&C customer service department sent a person responsible for the Russian technical personnel logistics arrangements to ensure the smooth implementation of the training work.

According to technical training, C&C customer service department, according to the customer vehicle situation, carefully designed courses and arranged professional lecturers for Russian engineers to carry out the training. Training involved: the structure of the vehicle, electrical system principle, brake pipeline and the valve body, engine gearbox axle principle explanation and assembly disassembly, CNG cylinders use and maintenance course.

At the end of the training, service management minister Huang Yudou of C&C Customer Service Department on behalf of C&C issued a certificate to the Russian technical engineers, and welcome them to come to China, come to C&C Trucks once again. Russian students expressed their satisfaction and affirmation to the training arrangements. They said: thanks to China, thanks to C&C Truck!


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