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C&C Trucks Fully Prepared to Meet New Challenges

Date:2018-01-09 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, “Intelligent IOT, A Shared Future” 2017G7 Partners Conference was held in Shanghai. A number of well-renowned enterprises including C&C Trucks, GLP, Tencent, Jingdong (JD), Shell, Webco, and Bain attended the conference, mapping out the future for the logistic industry.

C&C Trucks Fully Prepared to Embrace New Challenges

As one of the strategic partners of G7, C&C Trucks Co., Ltd. (also referred to as C&C) also witnessed the debut of a number of new products and took part in the discussions of future intelligent trucks.

Set up eight years ago, C&C Trucks has been growing robustly and is now specialized in developing, producing and selling heavy-duty trucks and providing related services and spare parts. Boasting state-of-art technologies and equipment, it is able to manufacture a variety of vehicles for different purposes, including mixers, self-dumping vehicles, cargo vehicles, trucks, etc. In addition, it has already set up a sound product development system and well-connected sales & service networks.

In 2017, C&C Trucks sold 8,700 units heavy-duty trucks. With its accurate market positioning and the high safety standards of its vehicles, it has become a formidable force in China’s truck manufacturing industry. “We has always been committed to developing and providing the best truck products for our high-end customers. In addition, we have been constantly making efforts to improve the safety standards of our trucks, which achieve high reliability. While developing truck products, we have been giving equal emphasis on environmental protection, making sure the highest environmental friendliness from our production to our products,” said Zhang Yanshuo, General Manager of C&C Trucks.

In response to the fast rise of intelligent logistic services, C&C Trucks signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with G7. According to the agreement, Lianhetong G7 System is going to be developed with the concerted efforts of all parties to further improve the efficiency of the logistic service industry. In addition, the new system will help truck operators better operate their vehicles, ensure their smooth operations and cut their operating costs.

According to Li Yanshuo, Lianhetong G7 System has made its way to over 9,500 units vehicles. Replacing GPS, it provides more user-friendly experience, making the vehicle management more intelligent. Through cameras inside driver’s cockpit, driver fatigue alarming system, lane deviation alarming system, Lianhetong G7 System is able to accurately evaluate the driving risks and provide real-time monitoring throughout the driving, which significantly improve the safety standards of trucks. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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