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Sichuan Hyundai ZEDO 300N Light Truck

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  • Sichuan Hyundai ZEDO 300N Light Truck
  • Sichuan Hyundai ZEDO 300N Light Truck
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  • Sichuan Hyundai ZEDO 300N Light Truck

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Physically, Zedo 300N looks the same as last year’s hot model Zedo 300M. However, 300N has a lighter body, lower fuel consumption, and higher speed in comparison with previous 300M. Its front face highlights the family characteristics, on which the large windshield and rearview mirror give driver a broad view. Furthermore, large area of horizontal front cover decorated with chrome trim strip adds a sense of simple and stylish charming.

It is reported that Zedo 300N is a narrow body light truck Sichuan Hyundai tailored for the domestic market, with Yunnei D19TCIE3 and Quanchai 4A2-88C50 engines available as two options. Besides, Sichuan Hyundai will offer the upcoming 300N with two wheelbases: 3300mm and 2850mm to provide different content to different customers. With exception to its strength in comfort travelling, low fuel consumption, and large tanks, Zedo 300N has three different cab specifications which includes single row, half-row and double row to provide customers with more choice.

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