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Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van

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  • Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van
  • Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van
  • Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van
  • Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van
  • Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van
  • Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van
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  • Sinotruk T5G 6×2 Gas-powered Van

Product Description

With a space of 66 cubic meters (9,600×2,500×2,730), the gas-powered van is equipped with a lower chassis and a B10 engine made by MAN. With an average consumption of 17 kg gas for every 100 km, the vehicle improves its energy efficiency by 20%. In addition, with a quality guarantee cycle for its engine, transmission and driving axle lasting longer periods, the vehicle greatly helps its operators improve their profit margin.

Tailored for the express delivery market, T5G possesses an appealing appearance and fully meets EU ECE R29 collision safety regulations. With a more streamlined body, it has reduced its wind drag to just 0.56, the lowest among all its counterparts.

Powerful Performance

Sinotruk MAN MT07.29-50 engine with a torque reaching 1,100 N.m helps the van deliver powerful performances. Its continuous flow valve (CFV) made by Econtrols helps the vehicle achieve higher energy efficiency.

1) Higher Reliability

Equipped with HW13709XSTC transmission, the van makes the gear shifting an easier job. In the meantime, it helps the vehicle cut its noise level and improve its overall life-expectancy.

2) Higher Loading Capacity

With H153 (5.5 tons) front axle, T5G boasts a higher loading capacity.

3) Duel Gas Tanks

Two gas tanks with high quality and enviable volumes (450L+450L) helps T5G drive over 2,000 km continuously.

4) 153 (10 tons) Driving Axle

Its153 (10 tons) driving axle achieves a speed ratio of 4.111. Its transmission rate can also reach 98%. Its fuel filter specially designed for its axle housing and its SKF wheel hub bearing are among a host of big highlights.

5) Lower Body Weight

With a lower body weight, a lower chassis and a higher loading capacity, T5G can be mounted with 295/80R22.5 vacuum tires. Achieving high speed and lower gas consumption, it is an ideal choice for all enterpries involved in logistic services.

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