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SHACMAN 8×4 New M3000 Mixers

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  • SHACMAN 8×4 New M3000 Mixers
  • SHACMAN 8×4 New M3000 Mixers
Technical Parameter
  • SHACMAN 8×4 New M3000 Mixers

  • ten-speed Fast synchronized transmission

  • 8×4

  • 1,250

  • 10,250×2,550×3,995

  • WP7.340E53 four-valve engine

Product Description

Measuring 10,250 mm in length, 2,550 mm in width and 3,995 in height, 8×4 new M3000 mixer weighs 14.5 tons and fully meets various requirements for cement transportation.

Equipped with WP7.340E53 four-valve engine, the vehicle can reach a maximum torque of 1,250 N.m. It is also equipped with a ten-speed Fast synchronized transmission gearbox and high speed-ratio duel bridge. The vehicle, with a lower body weight, delivers more powerful performances, generates less noise and achieves higher fuel economy.

Since its debut in December last year, the mixer has already made its way to Guangdong, Chongqing, Sichuan, etc. Data collected from its operation show that it can help its operators cut fuel costs by 16,000 RMB each year. (It saves fuel costs by 0.8 RMB per kilometer. Suppose the vehicle drives 20,000 kilometers each year.)

1) Awe-inspiring appearance

A) New design

B) New lighting layout

C) New interior

2) Optimized chassis

A) Lighter weight

B) More loading capacity

C) Chassis weigh 9,650 kg

3) Improved reliability

A) MAN TGX duel bridge

MAN: 4.769, 5.262 and 5.92 available

STR: 4.8 and 5.73 available

Maximum speed: 74km/h (5.262); 68km/h (5.73)

Other advantages

Lighter weight and more standardized specifications

Shorter wheelbase and higher maneuverability

More flexibility

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