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Dongfeng KL Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor Unit


Today we'll talk about Dongfeng KL Fuel cell tractor unit. The notable feature is that it combines industry's first Large diameter cylinders with side-mounted high-pressure fan. In doing so, it left 400mm more cargo space for trailer. The powertrain features a 260kw fuel cell single system coupled with high rate battery. It supports integrated hydrogen-electricity applications to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. It can achieve 1,000 km range for 35 Mpa version and 500 km for 70 Mpa version. On the exterior, Dongfeng KL highlights the "hydrogen" element. The overall shape has been optimized for a lower drag coefficient. Equipped with 250/360kw or 270/410kw double eAxles,it not only adapt to short haul, but also to long haul in complex terrain such as plains, hills and plateaus.


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