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FARIZON Homtruck Xinghan H Unveiled


Design Language: shine bright like star

Aerodynamic design with a wedge-shaped head

helps to reduce air resistance

smooth side door panel

Hidden door handles

Electric Rearview Mirror

Pneumatic Grille

Fully wrapped Chassis

air resistance as low as 0.343

result in 7% reduction in energy consumption

Oversized Electric Berth

Private Bathroom

Smart Kitchen

Intelligent fresh air system

Eco-friendly materials used inside the cab

Intelligent UI control interface

12 speakers

4 air bags suspension and balanced suspension system

Electro-hydraulic steering system

"Cage" body-in-white

32% high-tensile steel.

Electric Rearview Mirror

L2++ level Autonomous Driving Assistance

Multiple cameras, laser Radar, 4D Millimeter-wave Radar, and Combined Navigation

Farizon Stargazing System

An Intelligent Logistics Platform

Connecting People, Vehicles, Cargo, stations, and Energy

High Efficiency



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