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Beiben Heavy Duty Truck

Date:2013-08-21 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

BEIBEN Trucks Group CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as Bei Ben Heavy Truck Company) is funded by seven companies such as China North Industries group Corp., China North Industries Corporation, Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd and China Hua Rong Asset Management Corporation etc., whose headquarter is set in Baotou, with 43.3 billion yuan total assets and covers 2.82 million square meters area. Since imported 8-20 tons carload full set of technology and equipment from Benz Germany in 1988, officially passing the national acceptance in 1995, Bei Ben Heavy Truck Company achieved comprehensive productivity of 100000 under concerns of superior department and local authorities, rapidly growing into a modern large-scale commercial vehicle company which is from researching and developing, sale to manufacturing and service of automobiles and components of integrating heavy truck, passenger cars, tuners, automobile body, axle, transmission chassis etc. crossing Baotou, Chongqing, Penglai, Beijing and Xinjiang.

Beiben bird

The company has maintained brand connotation of “advanced technology, high quality, environmental friendly, cost-effective” for years, and product connotation “security, reliability, efficient, fuel prudent” which form two heavy truck platforms of “Bei Ben heavy truck”, “ironed-horse heavy truck”. Load capacity is from 8 tons to 25 tons, traction weight from 30 tons to 60 tons, including thousands of series vehicle types such as carrying cargo, self-discharging, traction, dedicated chassis etc., which can meet consumers’ different needs. New model of V3 series, marked updating and upgrading with proprietary intellectual property rights, went public in 2010, which have occupied the market swiftly. Up till now, Bei Ben products are widely used in civilian areas including postal service, petroleum and chemical industry etc , and meanwhile promptly dominates more than 80% purchasing power of domestic heavy vehicle market in small-and-medium-sized enterprises and private transport. In addition, our products are also sold in Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore and United Arab Emirates etc in several regions of Asia, Africa, South America.


During the “11th Five-Year Plan”, Bei Ben Heavy Truck Company persists in scientific outlook on development, promoting growth strategy constantly, selling 40,098 automobiles in 2010, sales revenue over ten billion. Accumulate sales of 118,197in five years, 7.6 times more than the “10th Five-Year Plan” of 43,600, with market share rising to 5.3%, which is a excellent foundation of the “12th Five-Year Plan”.


In “12th Five-Year Plan”, the development of company is to perform 200,000 manufacturing ability of heavy trucks, achieve 430,000 sales volume and main business income surmount 40 billion. Bei Ben Heavy Truck Company will profoundly comprehend strategic deployment and higher expectation of ordnance industry and municipality, implement scientific outlook on development thoroughly, insist growth strategy firmly, for which the construction of high-tech international ordnance industries, building ambitious, responsible and respected national strategy group, contributing more to leaping development and local economic boom.


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