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New energy SPV of Shaanxi Wuhai city has signed the contract

Date:2010-06-04 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

(chinatrucks.com, June 4, 2010) The signing ceremony of Shaanxi Wuhai new energy SPV is hold in Wuhai city on June 1, 2010.

It is learned by reporter that Shaanxi Auto, China Petrol and Natural Gas Company, and Wuhai city have invested 550 million euros to establish gas, natural gas and the program of natural gas heavy truck. And Shaanxi natural gas heavy truck program has been invested 150 million euros, and it will set up the program with capacity of 50,000 new energy heavy trucks. It will realize 2000 million euros of annual sales revenue after the program has been finished. China Petrol and Natural Gas Company will invest 400 million euros to establish the coal gas, hydraulic gas and natural gas program.    


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