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SHACMAN to Increase Its Overseas Sales Volume to 20,000 Units in 2019

Date:2018-12-04 Author:trucksen Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On December 2rd, SHACMAN International Business Conference was opened the curtain in Xian with the theme of “Value Leading, Service Innovating Pursuing&Surpassing”, welcoming more than 500 authorities, company leaders, partners and press representatives to attend this conference.

SHACMAN to Increase Its Overseas Sales Volume to 20,000 Units in 2019

In 2018, the company’s export volume is estimated to break 12,000 units threshold, up by over 30% year on year. Its market share in China’s export of heavy-duty truck sector is thus set to grow by 2.6 percentage points this year. In 2019, SHACMAN expects its overseas sales to increase to 20,000 units and continue with its success from the previous year.

In response to the government’s Belt Road Initiative in recent years, SHACMAN has been strengthening its marketing efforts in many countries across the world and has provided more than 17,000 units vehicles to work for the Belt Road Initiative.

SHACMAN to Increase Its Overseas Sales Volume to 20,000 Units in 2019

In his keynote speech on SHACMAN Overseas Expansion, Wang Yanhong, General Manager of SHACMAN, pointed out that the group expects 2025 fiscal revenue will exceed RMB150 billion, among which nearly 40pc are contributed from overseas market. At the meantime, new challenges will appear and new requirements will be needed during the expanding process of SHACMAN.

Over the year, truly significantly improvement has been made in overseas marketing, service and accessories network building. For the weak regions like Africa and Southeast Asia, SHACMAN has increased its investment and successfully expands its presence to more than 100 countries worldwide. This year alone, the sales volume of its locally produced trucks in the overseas market is expected to exceed 3,500 units, reaching a new historical level. Despite the overall industry saw a 10% y/y decline in overseas sales, SHACMAN continue to surge against the trend. 22 of best international partners, who contributed towards the achievement, was thus presented awards for their outstanding performance.

NAIM MAZOUZ, the head of GM Group further noted that "Due to its high quality at a reasonable price, Shacman is fast becoming the most popular brand of heavy trucks in Algeria. Statistics indicate that over 40,000 vehicles have been exported to Algeria since 2006, occupying 80 percent of the country's engineering truck market.”

According to chinatrucks’ reports, the current top export destinations for China’s heavy-duty trucks were the third world economies which import mainly dumping trucks used for various engineering and construction projects. But SHACMAN sets to make the situation different by rolling out product tailored to the client’s need.

For example, in Algeria, SHACMAN has launched X3000 logistics vehicle, F3000 engineering truck and L3000 Cummins lorry trucks to cater to Algerian consumers preferences; In Kazakhstan, H3000 mining dump truck has been replaced with lightweight, high-performance materials according to local regulations; In Vietnam, SHACMAN introduced the H3000 dump truck that meets the Euro 5 emission standard, and fits the additional Rain-channeling grooves on front cover for the rainy weather in Southeast Asia; In Malaysia, SHACMAN launched the X3000 high-horsepower + AMT high-end model, to work together with the overseas version of Tianxingjian SHACMAN Telematics system; In Africa, the M3000 long-distance tractor with a 1900L anti-theft fuel tank and a driving range of 4,700km become a role model in local region; While in Uzbekistan, the H3000 natural gas dump truck is quite popular as its reserves of natural gas are quite high… The concept of “one country, one vehicle” is precisely the understanding of SHACMAN for customers in various segments.

At the meeting, SHACMAN Telematics system, SHACMAN’s service system for its overseas market, was also revealed to the public. By taking full advantages of the internet and big data, the system is set to create more values and deepen cooperation between SHACMAN and its global customers. (www.chinatrucks.com)


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