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FAW Jiefang and CIMC Lingyu Collaborate on Special Purpose Vehicles

Date:2020-07-23 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On July 16, FAW Jiefang and CIMC Lingyu unveiled their joint production base in Luoyang in order to achieve the goal of developing special purpose vehicles in a digital, intelligentized and integrated way.

For the past 17 years, FAW Jiefang have been working in cooperation with Lingyu. With special purpose vehicles as the focus of this cooperation, the two parties will continue to expand their cooperation in the areas of product research, technology, marketing, finance and business training to raise production level of special purpose vehicles in China.

Especially in special vehicles and mixer trucks segment, FAW Jiefang are increasing its investment to address their shortcomings in product range, said the deputy general manage of FAW Jiefang, Wang Ruijian in the mid-year Marketing and Communications Conference.

Since the year 2019, Lingyu has invested 10 million Yuan in the “Tianqi project” to set up a world-leading automatic painting line and it was put into official operation in May, 2020. The second phrase of “Tianqi project” is already being underway. In addition to this collaboration with Jiefang, it will bring significant sales in SPV and promote its development in China. 


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