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More than 100 XCMG Cranes Are Sent Overseas

Date:2021-07-13 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

Recently, more than 100 colorful XCMG cranes have been sent to all parts of the world. The scene is magnificent and spectacular!

According to reports, all the equipment shipped this time are overseas special customized cranes, upgraded and optimized according to the different customer needs of XCMG, such as regional climate, application scene, brand display, etc., covering a variety of star products including 50t-260t. It will contribute China's strength to the infrastructure of countries such as "Belt and Road Initiative" and Europe, America and Australia.

Overseas construction machinery market has always had a strict product entry threshold. It is reported that XCMG unswervingly promotes the main strategy of internationalization, owns more than 2000 technology patents, and takes the lead in completing the transformation from scale leading to technology leading in the global crane industry, showing a strong potential for development.

In May, XCMG launched 8 new models of cranes according to the market demand, based on the new leading G-generation platform, with “high performance, high precision, high value preservation, high reliability, high energy saving”, which instantly became the focus of discussion in the industry.

Excellent product performance and attractive brand service are the reasons why more and more overseas customers choose XCMG and endorse it.

It is worth mentioning that over the years, XCMG has participated in a number of major overseas projects. Such as the world's largest "oil refinery" -- the Dangote project in Nigeria, the Padma Bridge Railway in Bangladesh, the large-scale nickel-iron project in Sulawesi Province in Indonesia, the Doha-Duhan Highway in Qatar, etc., to promote the world's infrastructure construction.

Data show that from January to April, the overall sales volume of China's crane industry increased by 57.6% compared with the same period last year, while XCMG achieved an increase of 20 percentage points higher than that of the industry, and its export volume of the international market ranks first in the industry. Among them, Russia, Kazakhstan, Africa and other Central Asian countries and Belt and Road Initiative countries are far ahead in market share, and great breakthroughs have been made in the high-end markets in Europe and the United States.


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