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FOTON Cummins Launched Its F4.5TT Two-stage Supercharged Engine

Date:2022-10-11 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On September 30, a launch event for FOTON Cummins F4.5TT two-state supercharged engine was held in Beijing under the theme “Double T is more surging, the king of fuel saving for medium trucks”.

“In order to further meet the needs of medium truck customers for high efficiency and fuel saving, we officially launch a new generation of classic product – FOTON Cummins two-stage supercharged F4.5TT Engine. This product inherits the excellent genes of FOTON Cummins classic models and will bring more quality choices to customers.” Chen Hua, General Manager of Foton Cummins, said at the launch event.

As a leading global engine manufacturer, Foton Cummins has launched many premium power products over the years. In particular, its F3.8 series power is known as a “legendary power” in the logistics industry. To date, the F series engines have been approved by hundreds of OEMs worldwide, with cumulative sales of nearly 1.8 million units.

The FOTON Cummins F4.5TT two-stage supercharged engine has been actually developed based on the previous F3.8 engine platform, whose reliability has been proven in practice by many truck users. The product is specifically designed for medium-duty two-axle truck. With the introduction of Cummins' already mature two-stage supercharger technology, it is able to provide more power and run smoothly in various complex conditions and scenarios such as plains, plateaus and mountains. The advantages for FOTON Cummins F4.5TT are as below:

Powerful and reliable: Components including the power cylinder, supercharger, exhaust system and cooling and lubrication system have all been upgraded to make them more powerful and reliable.

Surging power: The engine can produce a power output of 240 hp and a maximum torque of 900 Nm. At a low speed of 1000 rpm, the torque can increase by 26% to 780 Nm.

Innovation leading: The new product combines Cummins two-stage supercharging and intelligent brain control technology to further optimize the engine's fuel consumption at medium and high speeds. At the same time, intelligent dynamic control ensures that the engine and after-treatment are always working at optimum conditions.

Efficient access: It is worth noting that the F4.5TT engine is 50-150kg lighter than its competitors of the same kind, and has no loss of maximum torque at 2000m altitude, making it considerably more adaptable to plateaus and mountains.


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