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Foton's All-new MILER Series Trucks Debut in Guatemala

Date:2024-07-03 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On June 27th, Foton's all-new MILER series trucks made a dazzling debut in Guatemala, marking a significant milestone in Foton's expansion within the global commercial vehicle sector.

Designed to excel in various demanding environments, these trucks offer robust carrying capacity and exceptional adaptability tailored specifically for Guatemala's market. They cater to the transportation needs across sectors such as traffic, construction, and agriculture, earning enthusiastic reception in Guatemala.

MILER represents Foton's latest generation of lightweight trucks. Built on the principles of aesthetics, drivability, intelligence, and high quality, MILER boasts a stylish and refined exterior. Equipped with the AUCAN engine compliant with European emission standards, it ensures efficient and environmentally friendly transport capabilities. Advanced technologies including Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), and Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) provide comprehensive safety assurance for drivers. Additionally, features such as rear-view cameras, reverse sensors, optimized braking systems, and foot pedals further enhance vehicle safety and comfort.

Meanwhile, the high-quality interior design with comfortable and durable materials creates a comfortable and refined working environment for the driver. Whether for urban distribution, mountain transport or city construction, the MILER series trucks demonstrate their efficient and stable performance to meet a variety of commercial and personal transport needs.

With the official launch of the new MILER series trucks in Guatemala, the transportation industry anticipates new growth opportunities. The model is set to rapidly expand from Guatemala City to other urban centers, covering diverse delivery scenarios such as moving, construction materials, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and cold chain logistics. It offers more efficient and economical vehicle options for local individual logistics operators, wholesalers, and construction teams in their early stages of business.

Guatemala is one of the most important markets in the automotive sector, with a growing demand for commercial vehicles. In recent years, Chinese brands like Foton have gained prominence, surpassing European, American, and Japanese brands in the local commercial vehicle market. Since its introduction in 2021, Foton's AUMARK S light trucks have seen increasing sales in Guatemala, achieving a market share of 9.9% from January to May 2024, securing the fourth position in the local light truck market. Through close collaboration with local distributors, Foton has expanded its product line in Guatemala, enhancing its competitiveness in the global commercial vehicle market.

The radiant debut of Foton's all-new MILER series trucks not only injects vitality into Guatemala's logistics industry but also showcases Foton's leading position and innovative capabilities in the global commercial vehicle sector. Looking ahead, Foton remains committed to deepening its presence in global markets, offering superior and efficient transportation solutions to customers worldwide.


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