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SINOTRUK Achieved "14 Firsts" in the Past 2022

Date:2023-03-07 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In the past 2022, China’s domestic heavy-duty truck industry faces multiple challenges. However, industry-leading companies tend to be more resilient during the downturn. Data shows that SINOTRUK sold 249,000 vehicles last year and generated more than 121.4 billion yuan ($17.6 billion) in revenue. SINOTRUK is the company with the highest sales volume, the lowest market drop and the best operating efficiency in the industry, and has won 14 firsts, further consolidating its leadership position in the industry.

In terms of market share and advanced technology, SINOTRUK has achieved seven "firsts". 1. No.1 in market share: SINOTRUK sold 159,000 heavy trucks in the year, with a market share of up to 24%, the largest among heavy truck enterprises in the country. 2. No.1 in exports: In 2022, SINOTRUK ranked first in China with 89,000 heavy-duty trucks exported, accounting for more than 50% of China's heavy truck exports. 3. First to adopt engine with a thermal efficiency of 52.28%: SINOTRUK is the first commercial vehicle company to adapt the world's first diesel engine technology platform with a thermal efficiency of 52.28%. 4. First one to launch LNG truck with  54.16% thermal efficiency gas engine technology: SINOTRUK was also the first commercial vehicle company to launch SITRAK LNG G7S with 54.16% thermal efficiency gas engine technology. 5. No.1 sales in tractor above 500HP: SINOTRUK has a 28% share of tractors above 500 horsepower, ranking first in the industry and 5% higher than the second place.6. First to launch commercial hydrogen internal combustion engine heavy truck: SINOTRUK released the country's first commercial hydrogen internal combustion engine heavy truck to achieve zero carbon emissions. 7. First to develop dual gear E-drive integrated axle: SINOTRUK developed the industry only dual gear E-drive integrated axle to build up a technological advantage in new energy technology routes and power chains.

SINOTRUK achieved “7 firsts” in segment development. 8. No. 1 in long-haul logistics market: With its product portfolio of WP14T and MC13H, SINOTRUK has taken the high ground in the long-haul logistics sector and topped the sales. 9. No.1 in express market: With a reputation built on low fuel consumption and high reliability, SINOTRUK has a market share of more than 30% in the express market, ranking first in the industry. 10. No. 1 in hazardous chemical market: In the hazardous chemicals market, SINOTRUK is the top seller, with a 29% market share. 11. No.1 in muck truck sales: With constantly breaking, SINOTRUK has become the preferred brand and ranks first in sales of muck trucks. 12. No. 1 in mixer truck sales: The share of SINOTRUK in mixer truck has stabilized at 35% for 22 years in a row. 13. No.1 in high-end SPV: SINOTRUK continues to lead the industry and comes to the first in the industry in sales of high-end special-purpose vehicles like fire trucks, pump trucks, TV broadcasters and oilfield working vehicles. 14. No.1 in AMT products: Its AMT products surpassed the rival as the industry first in sales through rapid technical iteration to create S-AMT differentiation.


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