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DFAC Achieves New Breakthroughs in Oversea Business

Date:2023-03-13 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

From January to Febuary, DFAC’s exports grew by 9.4% year on year.  Among them, the independent export business rose19.29% year-on-year, higher than the industry growth rate.

Meanwhile, the company has made new breakthroughs in overseas operations in some key areas. Particularly, DFAC secured news orders for 400 light trucks in Ecuador, 200 Yufeng in West Asia, and 1000 units of mini truck in Chile and Russia. The number of new orders received by DFAC has increased 100% year-on-year to nearly 2000 units, offering a good start to achieve the annual target of 15000 units.

These achievements can't be made without DFAC staff's help and effort. As per the “Carflow” plan developed in early 2023, its overseas business division implements the double-line management model to follow up and confirm every order by sub-region and sub-business office on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, they maintain close communication with commercial, procurement, manufacturing and logistics divisions to ensure that all links go smoothly. For  bottlenecks resources or parts at risk, they will prepare in advance to ensure smooth production and on-time delivery.

In 2023, overseas marketing personal will go deep into the front line to promote the annual sales and network development. 

01 West Asia
Some colleagues gave up their Chinese New Year holidays to visit customers and secured orders for 400 vehicles from four potential distributors.

01 Chile
They overcome hour difference to visit distributors during the day and confirm product configurations with domestic colleagues at night to provide products that meet the market demand. The manager of the commercial office made substantial progress in talks with local dealers and signed an annual distribution agreement for nearly 1,000 units of mini trucks.

03 Colombia
DFAC has been actively seeking new distributors in the region. As of now, they have reached the cooperation intention with some potential distributors and decided on the specification, delivery cycle and certification. The first batch of orders is already underway.

04 Nigeria
The manager of commercial office went to visit 5 countries in Africa by himself. Together with local distributors, DFAC promoted the establishment of second-level distributors and the achievement of annual sales target.

05 Bangladesh
The commercial office manager is currently looking for growth in Bangladesh and will then travel to Sri Lanka, Nepal and other right-hand drive countries to fully promote right-hand drive models in overseas markets.

With the implementation of “going global” strategy, DFAC’s influence has been enhanced in the international market, attracting a large number of overseas dealers and potential customers to come visit.

On Febuary 23, 2023, the general manager of Malaysia distributor for Dongfeng vehicles paid a visit to Xiangyang manufacturing base and Dongfeng Cummins, test drove two right-hand drive models specifically developed for Malay market, signed annual cooperation agreement and an order for right-hand drive Tuyi trucks.

Colombia distributor for new energy vehicles came to visit and both sides reached agreement on product development, certification and other energy business for the Latin American market.

Cambodian dealers made site visits to Xiangyang manufacturing plant, new energy dealerships and public charging stations. The customers had a detailed and comprehensive understanding of DFAC's corporate culture, development history, R&D technology strength, EV product series, after-sales service system and cooperation cases. Both sides reached an agreement on the annual cooperation of new energy vehicles. 


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