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SHACMAN Debuted the YAN’AN S700 Super Heavy Truck


On January 28, Shacman unveiled the Yan'an brand and debuted the Yan'an S700 super heavy-duty truck, targeting the long-haul trunk transportation and cold chain transportation market.

SHACMAN S700 is powered by a Xi'an Cummins M15N high thermal efficiency gas engine with a maximum output of up to 580 hp and a maximum torque of 2,600 N/m. The adoption of technology such as dual-flow supercharger, EGR module optimization on the engine has resulted in a lower natural gas consumption. Paired with the engine is a Eaton's latest-generation integrated AMT transmission, which boasts an outstanding efficiency of 99.8% and has a series of features including transient response acceleration, fast start-up speed and high transport efficiency.

The rear axle adopts an 11.5T HANDE maintenance-free axle with a 3.545 speed ratio. With an efficient and reliable powertrain, YAN’AN S700 mainly targets the long-haul trunk transportation and cold chain transportation market.

The vehicle is equipped with a 1,500-litre cylinder that can travel up to 2,000 kilometers at a time, thus reducing the number of refueling and improving operational efficiency.

In addition to the gas version, YAN’AN S700 is also available in fuel version so you can choose as per your need. The fuel version is powered by a Xi'an Cummins engine that delivers a maximum power of 600HP and torque of 2750Nm. Paired the engine is also the an Eaton 12-speed AMT gearbox, and 11.5T Hande maintenance-free axles.


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