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FOTON Presented a Full Range of CVs at Expoagro 2024 in Argentina

Date:2024-03-21 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

For the second consecutive year, Foton Argentina is present at Expoagro, the largest open field agro-industrial exhibition in Argentina. With a renovated and ample space of 1500 m2 where its complete offer of commercial vehicles is exhibited.

FOTON Presented a Full Range of CVs at Expoagro 2024 in Argentina

Foton exhibited TRUCKMATE, AUMARK, eAUMARK and 7 new AUMAN line of medium and heavy trucks which ccomes in three ranges: R (Highway), C (Construction) and D (Distribution) series. Each one is specially designed for different activities and commercial and industrial use, and powered by a range of engines from Cummins, the leading global power solutions provider.

AUMAN R is a series of heavy trucks designed for long-haul transportation. It is a powerful and efficient heavy-duty truck achieved thanks to the close alliance of Foton and Daimler and meets the most demanding European standards. With comfort as a premise, the R line has seats with adjustable air suspension and memory that adapt perfectly to the different needs of drivers, a comfortable driving position that reduces fatigue and a modern and high quality interior with complete equipment. In addition, it has advanced safety systems and very efficient mechanics in terms of fuel consumption.

FOTON Presented a Full Range of CVs at Expoagro 2024 in Argentina

AUMARK C: It includes models designed for more severe applications (Construction, Mining) where robustness, availability and efficiency are key. Its design and configuration are specific for these applications, with a high ground clearance, resistant bumpers and different PTO options. It is capable of delivering up to 460 hp and 2,300 Nm of torque.

AUMARK D:It groups the medium-heavy trucks designed for medium and long-haul distribution, where efficiency, low tare weight and cab comfort for the driver are prioritized. It is based on a robust and light chassis, capable of adapting to various implements. Its interior features a complete instrument panel with ergonomic controls, high quality seats and interior upholstery, and cushioned cabs. It can deliver a maximum power of 270 hp and torque of 970 Nm.

With the launch of the new AUMAN medium and heavy-duty truck, Foton is positioned as the brand with the most varied offer of commercial vehicles in the country, on the way to becoming the only full range brand in the local market. This reflects another major achievement of FOTON on its endless exploration and breakthrough.
FOTON Presented a Full Range of CVs at Expoagro 2024 in Argentina

Foton started exporting complete vehicles to Argentina in 2016. Currently, Foton has worked with local partners to achieve localized production, localized assembly, localized sales and localized service for mini trucks, light trucks and medium trucks.


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