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FOTON Overseas Customer Open Day Concluded Successfully

Date:2024-05-09 Author:Skye Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On May 5, the 2024 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition (Auto China 2024) came to a successful conclusion, and FOTON "Overseas Customer Open Day" event also concluded successfully. During the "Overseas Customer Open Day" event from April 22 to May 5, more than 200 customers and dealer representatives from 40 countries all over the world, including Spain, South Africa, Colombia, Algeria, Venezuela, Peru, and the Philippines, gathered at FOTON. They got an in-depth understanding of FOTON's innovative technology and product strength, visited the internationally leading X laboratory, FOTON digital museum, FOTON Cummins factory, FOTON Daimler factory and other places, experienced the excellent performance of FOTON's entire range of products, and intelligent driving, new energy and other "New Values" of "New FOTON" gene-empowered products.

This FOTON "Overseas Customer Open Day" event is not only an exchange event for FOTON to open its doors to customers around the world, allowing customers to experience FOTON's manufacturing strength, technical level and quality pursuit up close, but also a vivid interpretation for FOTON's internationalization strategy. By demonstrating its advanced production technology, strict quality control processes and innovative R&D capabilities to overseas customers, FOTON has further consolidated its brand image in the global market and won recognition and trust from global markets and consumers with its excellent product performance and scene-customized services.

As a global commercial vehicle company with cumulative sales exceeding 11 million units, FOTON is empowering its full line of commercial vehicle products with“fuel + new energy” dual-line independent research and development technology, and the results of the “ICE + BEV” dual-line strategy are beginning to stand out.

With FOTON Cummins' leading power and FOTON ZF's high-efficiency transmission system, FOTON has established a global leading advantage in the core power chain of FOTON's fuel power product "Super Power Train", and based on user scenarios and market trends, it has continuously improved its products in terms of emission standards and comfort. It has carried out comprehensive upgrades in other aspects, achieving comprehensive transcendence and leadership in core businesses such as trucks in Southeast Asia, Latin America and other regions. In Chile, FOTON's mini-truck market share ranks first; in Peru, FOTON's heavy-duty truck ranks TOP 1 among Chinese brands and TOP 5 in the market; in Colombia, FOTON ranks second in truck market sales for three consecutive years, with the largest market share of heavy-duty automatic transmission products; in the Philippines, FOTON has ranked first in sales of six-wheel trucks for many years; FOTON's fuel-powered pickup TUNLAND G series has also entered Europe, which has received orders for 400 units in Italy as of April this year.

FOTON insists on technological and product innovation, accelerates ecological and energy transformation and upgrading, independently develops and masters the core technologies of "three electrics", and realizes the multi-route development of new energy technologies such as pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cells. At present, new energy products have achieved coverage of the entire range of commercial vehicles, are customized to meet international technical requirements, and are going global. Many of its new energy products have passed WVTA European Union vehicle type certification. Among them, FOTON pure electric light trucks, pure electric VAN and other new energy products have been sold in European markets such as Italy and Poland. Pure electric sanitation special vehicles have served many German states and administrative district. It has fully entered European countries such as Italy, Poland, and Spain. In fact, FOTON's new energy products have spread across Australia, Asia-Pacific, South America and other markets. In Latin America, FOTON has delivered more than 1,400 pure electric buses, becoming the brand with the highest market share of electric buses in Latin America. FOTON's pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell buses and trucks have been delivered in batches in markets such as Malta, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Egypt, etc., and have achieved commercial use in core scenarios such as international urban bus systems, airports, and express logistics.

Led by independent technological breakthroughs, FOTON has not only incubated multi-power routes and multi-market product routes in the new energy market, creating sustainable core competitiveness of differentiated products, but also opened up key directions such as intelligence. The company's technology strategic layout has produced fruitful results in the field of intelligent network technology. As the first step to build an intelligent connected ecosystem globally, the first batch of products equipped with FOTON Internet of Vehicles (IoV) have been launched in overseas markets, covering fuel vehicles and new energy products, and can realize location services, fuel consumption analysis, three-power analysis, Vehicle operations and TCO management functions such as fleet management. In the Chinese market, FOTON has more than 2.5 million vehicles connected to the IoV, and has established a closed-loop ecosystem of intelligent IoV. With the popularity of FOTON IoV in overseas markets, FOTON's intelligent IoV technology will empower global users and enhance user experience operational value.

Keep working hard and reap the rewards. From R&D innovation to full-scenario product layout, from strategy + technology dual empowerment to building a customer-centered global system, FOTON remains true to its original aspirations and pursues its long-term goals. Facing the future, FOTON will actively promote overseas market layout, accelerate ecological and energy transformation, deepen digital transformation, continue to use technological innovation to create technologically advanced high-value products for users, build a complete industrial chain, and provide users with the best product and service experience, create an international corporate image with green technology and market leadership, and promote customer satisfaction to a new level.


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