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Tonly TLD125 Mining Trucks Arrived at a Mining Site in Ecuador

Date:2024-06-27 Author:Mia Source:www.chinatrucks.com

A shipment of TLD125 mining trucks recently arrived at a metal mines in Ecuador, two months after being shipped out of Tonly Heavy Industries' Xipo manufacturing base.

South America is a significant producer of global non-ferrous metals. Tonly Heavy Industries' success in exporting its products here signifies a significant move towards establishing its presence in high-end mining sectors. Since 2020, Tonly's TL885 has been deployed to gold mines in Guyana, and in recent years, their wide-body vehicles, water trucks, and tunnel dump trucks have been exported to Peru, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, and beyond. The bulk sales of TLD125 mining trucks further laid a solid foundation for Tonly Heavy Industries to further expand its presence in the South American market.

The TLD125 mining truck, Tonly's first independently developed dual-axle drive dump truck for the industry, utilizes a dual-axle drive technology to handle large tonnage loads while reducing acquisition and operational costs, ensuring better operational economy. This product applies mature technology solutions for mining vehicles such as a rigid frame, candle-type front gas-oil suspension, a-frame guided rear gas-oil suspension structure, and a wide-body tipper box. It is equipped with power, transmission and lifting systems from leading brands to ensure stable performance, high reliability, low operating costs, and high operational efficiency.

Since its launch, the TLD125 has undergone rigorous operational validations in various conditions across China, Central Asia, and South America. Its applications in mining scenarios such as plateaus, cold climates, long-distance hauls, diverse road conditions, heavy loads, and soft surfaces have garnered favor among numerous domestic and international customers, resulting in sustained high demand. The outstanding performance of the product in mining scenarios such as plateaus, cold climates, long-distance hauls, diverse road conditions, heavy loads, and soft surfaces has received positive feedback from numerous customers both domestically and internationally.

Tongli Heavy Industries will continue to focus on product research and development, expand further into international markets, make every effort to provide products and services for global mining customers beyond the user's expectations.


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