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C&C Trucks Defends the 2016 Chinese Truck Annual Tow Truck Award

Date:2015-12-02 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The truck which was awarded “ 2016 Chinese Truck Annual Tow Truck Award ” is C&C Trucks U460 tow tractor. Congratulations to C&C Trucks! The reasons why C&C Trucks got the award are: (1)the cockpit of brand new U460 tow tractor is quiet and comfortable,(2) the engine and the gearbox are matched with each other.(3) In addition, the equipped supplementary view photography system, alarming system for route deviation and collision, to great extent, enhanced the safety level of the truck. The comfortability of the truck is greatly improved for the cockpit with suspended airbag on four points and the adjustable driver’s chair on eight directions. The comprehensive performance of the tractor reaches a new level with the application of the cylinder internal braking system and ABS technology. The C&C Trucks U460 tow tractor showed its superior performance during the test and won the affirmation of all the judges.



The award ceremony of 2016 Chinese Truck Annual Award was hold in Beijing on November, 26, 2015. The most valuable annual truck award of 2016 Chinese Truck Annual Award was declared with the host’s muffled and vigorous voice. The brand new C&C Trucks U series tractor of  460 horse power defended the award successfully. Another truck model of C&C Trucks won the Chinese Truck Annual Truck Award again after U420 of C&C Trucks got the same award last year.


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