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22 C&C Trucks Contributes to Transportation in Shenzhen Port

Date:2016-02-26 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: The group celebration meeting of C&C Trucks Mingjia Vehicle Trading Co., Ltd. in the Spring Festival of 2016 and the product promotion conference was held in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province on February, 23, 2016. Over 100 truck users including those from C&C Trucks, Shenzhen Mingjia Vehicle Trading Co., Ltd. and local guests attended this activity together.

Guangdong Province is the main centralized place of transferring logistics transportation as it is once of the biggest provinces where logistics transportation is centralized in China. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Port, one of the main entry and exit port of containers, is the market where most of truck manufacturers want to enter. C&C Trucks exhibited U and V series truck modes, and LNG truck mode. Their power range covers 260—480 horsepower, which can meet the demand of port containers and truck users of medium and long-haul transportation.

Fu Shaowen, the vice general manager of C&C Trucks in Guangdong Province said that the main targeted market of U and V series trucks are port containers and medium and long-haul transportation in main lines. The quality of U and V series of C&C Trucks was further enhanced after the continuous improvement and upgrading in recent years. They have many advantages including great power, good economy performance, high reliability, high safety level, high comfort level, high loading capacity, and have won the affirmation of market and the reliability of customers gradually.

Till now, all of the trucks of C&C Trucks which will be sold this year are going to be equipped with United Through which is a device integrating all the intelligent units on truck. It will be connected to CAN cable directly to transfer important data including the situation of the truck, see the position, track, fuel consumption, malfunction, the abnormal change of the fuel of the truck, and the behaviors of the driver. This can provide help for the fleet management, the analysis of truck using and the analysis of fuel consumption. Besides, it is very convenient to use the United Through. Users can see those data via the customer end on the cellphone.

Mingjia Vehicle Trading Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen City declared the preferential policies on buying trucks on site to express its gratitude of customers’ reliability and supporting of C&C Trucks. Those truck users who order V260LNG tractor, V290P tractor, U340 uni-axle tractor and U340LNG uni-axle tractor on site can enjoy the preferential policies that paying 2,000 RMB cash with cards can reduce 6,000 RMB with an extra spare parts card of 2,000 RMB. The maximum preferences of every truck reached 16,000 RMB. Twenty two trucks were ordered after the conference finished.


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