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African Customer Introduces SHACMAN Trucks for Oil and Gas Transport Services

Date:2021-11-04 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

AFRICA, Novermber, 4, 2021 /chinatrucks.com/ -- Company D, a well-known transport company in Africa, said that the SHACMAN X3000 tractors they are using are highly-efficient trucks that can achive exceptionally low fuel consumption with the right operation, deliver high reliability, coupled with excellent after-sales services.

Due to the legal adjustment, local logistics companies have started the process of phasing out the use of the current vehicles and replace them with new ones. This offers a terrific opportunity for SHACMAN to bring its trucks to the market and capture a segment of the market currently dominated by European and American brands.

Company D is a transport service company owning a trucking fleet of 240 trucks, mostly European brands and specializing in cross-border transportation of oil and gas resources between its country and the neighboring countries.

After year-over-year's operation, there has been a sharp increase in maintenance costs and repair to keep these old trucks running, so company D decided to replace them with new ones.

European trucks' branding image has been formed in the minds of local customers based on their using experience, which is hard to change rapidly. SHACMAN are facing critical challenges in build trust with existing customer on Chinese trucks.

However, after the first meeting with customer, SHACMAN quickly made a series of adjustments to suit its customer’s needs. Moved by SHACMAN's commitment and purpose-built tractor X3000, the truck operator finally chose SHACMAN.

After a trial operation of the first batch of SHACMAN trucks, the customer found that SHACMAN trucks have been doing great as far as they aware, they have kept their low fuel consumption in comparison to American trucks that are still in the fleet and are powerful enough to carry out the majority of work effectively.

“SHACMAN's after-sales service is also great. That’s why we will buy SHACMAN trucks again next time”, added the person-in-charge.


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