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Fast EMT 6E240 Transmission Batch Matching

Date:2022-03-21 Author:Mia Source:www.chinatrucks.com

A Few days ago, a batch of pure electric dump truck with FAST EMT 6E240 transmission were delivered to Zhengzhou customers.Help to realize the upgrading of muck cleaning industry and protect the city's environment

The FAST 6E240 adopts twin counter shaft design

High reliability and high transmission efficiency

Sliding sleeve structure shift Clear shift logic and smooth shift

According to different working conditions, Automatically adjust energy recovery intensity and reasonable management of energy consumption of accessories

Efficient, Economical, and Energy saving

Environmentally friendly transmission and low-carbon travel

Fast EMT drive products lead the market trend with high reliability, high efficiency and high economic

For green economy accelerate transform of quality, efficiency and driving force Achieve the "dual carbon" target


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