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SAIC Hongyan Rolls Off Its 150-Ton Wide-body Mining EV

Date:2022-04-22 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On April 20, SAIC Hongyan rolled off a newly developed truck – 150t wide body mining EV Dumper to foster the sustainable and high-quality development of mining sector.

SAIC Hongyan General Manager Mr. Lou Jianping said at offline ceremony: "Hongyan's mining dump trucks have maintained consistently high durability, strong power, high load capacity, safety and convenience since the first 25-ton mining dump truck (DQ372) was launched 49 years ago, which came before the 76-ton "KINGKAN Pa EV" wide-body dump truck launched 10 years ago and today's 150-ton all-electric wide-deck dump truck. The launch of this 150-tonne wide-body electric dump truck will be of great significance to the green transformation of China's mining sector. In future, SAIC Hongyan is leading efforts to apply driverless technology to mining vehicles to create more value and a better experience for customers. "

Hongyan "KINGKAN Mine Pa" is characterized by unusually large load capacity, strong power and entended range.

Maximum bearing capacity: “KINGKAN Mining Pa”, a pure electric wide dumper, has a high-strength frame without auxiliary beam, a suspension system comprised of front oil and gas suspension and rear leaf springs suspension and a special axle for high-capacity mining vehicles, which is the largest of its kind in China. The vehicle can carry a total of 150 tons when both the overall mass and the load are taken into account.

Most Powerful: "KINGKAN Mining Pa EV" features a dual-motor drive system that can deliver 700kW (950hp) worth of peak power and 4800Nm maximum output torque. Maximum climbing capacity at full load is 30%. The maximum speed it can travel is up to 50km/h without load. It is currently the most powerful all electric wide-body mining dump truck in China.

Maximum Range: The Braking energy recovery efficiency is improved by utilizing an efficient, intelligent energy recovery algorithm, which can thus improve the range of the vehicle. The Battery capacity of the lithium iron phosphate battery it equipped is 563Kw • h, which is currently the largest battery capacity in pure electric wide-body mining dump truck in China.

At the same time, SAIC Hongyan "KINGKAN Mining Pa EV" pure electric wide body dump truck is equipped with energy storage emergency steering system, double-loop braking system and ABS to ensure multiple securities at the active safety level. Besides, AMT transmission and full hydraulic steering system are also equipped, which allow for smooth gear shifts and light and sensitive steering while driving, significantly improving driving comfort. Meanwhile, all-weather battery system that can conduct bi-directional temperature control can easily cope with the impact of high altitude, high cold and high temperature in the mining areas of northern China.


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