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Yunnei YN38CRD National IV Series

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  • YN38CRD National IV series
Product Description
Strong power:

The diesel engine performance is completely improved with more mature technologies. It has large torque reserve, and it can reach maximal revs 3200,max power 129 hp, and max torque 365N.m, which is more than 5% higher than that of similar products. It adopts electric control, water cooling EGR technology, and effective supercharger with bypass valve, which features quick response and can provide abundant intake air for more sufficient combustion.

Economy and low fuel consumption:

The electric control high pressure common rail fuel injection technology features high and balanced injection pressure, and more uniform atomizing, which enables more sufficient combustion and thus reduces fuel consumption and improves economy. It has a wide economic fuel consumption range and its minimum fuel consumption is more than 5% lower than that of similar products. It adopts internal cooling oil chamber piston and cooling nozzle design, which greatly reduces thermal load and oil consumption.

High reliability and durability:

It adopts high strength alloy casting body and cylinder head, and uses advanced equipment and quality control from casting to the assembly process, which guarantees the conformity of the product. The piston features high tensile strength, hardness and stability; The piston ring adopts composite plating on its excircle surface, which features reduced maintenance cost due to good wear resistance and long service life. It also adopts advanced in-cylinder preheating technology which optimizes the start performance and can meet the start requirements under various kinds of weather conditions. The diesel engine also features low vibration, low noise and good comfort.

Excellent services:

The product has compact structure, reasonably arranged component layout and thus is convenient for repair and is easy to replace. Currently the product has a large market inventory. We have 21 offices, more than 1,000 service outlets and more than 40 parts dealers in the whole country, which can meet customers’ needs in time.

Product Features

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