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China’s First Ammonia Diesel Engine for Heavy Vehicle Ignited Successfully

Date:2022-04-07 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA--On March 28, China’s first Ammonia diesel engine for heavy-duty vehicle was ignited successfully. The engine for heavy-duty vehicle, jointly developed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Tsinghua University, is capable of maintaining stable and efficient combustion and reducing carbon emissions, which will facilitate the promotion of low carbon Technology in Chinese commercial vehicle industry.China’s First Ammonia Diesel Engine for Heavy Vehicle Ignited Successfully

The current carbon reduction solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, including power cells and hydrogen fuel, have a number of problems. The problem with power battery is that it remains expensive, short range, heavy and difficult to charge. As for hydrogen fuel cell, its high cost, durability and problems with hydrogen fuel storage and transportation have severely restricted its widespread application. Ammonia is a zero-carbon fuel that will be among the best choices for future green fuels in the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle sector due to its significant advantages in storage, transportation and manufacturing.

The engine successfully ignited is the first completely self-made ammonia diesel engine for heavy-duty trucks in China. By utilizing the combustion characteristics of ammonia, the R&D team ignited it successfully through diesel spray, making a significant step towards product integration from conceptual design.China’s First Ammonia Diesel Engine for Heavy Vehicle Ignited Successfully

According to reports, Dongfeng has formulated the emission control strategy for achieving 2028 carbon peak/2050 carbon neutrality in response to the "double carbon" strategy proposed by China, and has made a comprehensive layout in high thermal efficiency engines, new energy technologies (pure electric, fuel cells), alternative fuels, intelligent control technology and vehicle light weighting technology. In addition, the company has conducted research and development on alternative engine fuels such as methanol/diesel dual fuel, pure methanol and high thermal efficiency natural gas engines.

In future, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle will remain committed to providing low-carbon and green power solutions for commercial vehicles to bring higher operational value to customers.


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