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Dongfeng Light Truck's YTD Exports Surpassed the Full Year 2021

Date:2022-07-15 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In the first half of this year, Dongfeng's export volume of self-developed light vehicles increased by 149% compared to a year ago, with export value (including spare parts) reaching USD 50.17 million, an increase of 128% year on year. This figure has surpassed that of the full year 2021 and will provide a solid basis for the achievement of the goal this year.

Year-to-Date Export Volume of Dongfeng Light Vehicles Surpass 2021

In South America market, it has secured massive orders for Dongfeng Captain C and Dongfeng Captain E from Colombian dealers with a 60% increase in order. In addition, It rolled off Dongfeng Dolica D9 and its M9T Dongfeng Yufeng truck equipped with high-end self-developed engine was ordered for the first time by a local customer.

In vietnam, Dongfeng has made some improvements to the existing 4*2 products to make them applicable to local coastal defense and tractor market. At the same time, Dongfeng promoted orders for 3800mm-wheelbase models by visiting the secondary agents to solve their after-sales problems.

In the Russian market, Dongfeng Tuyi model range has been highly recognized. With a close partnership with local dealer, the team responsible for Russian market received another order shortly after the first trucks were shipped to Russia.Year-to-Date Export Volume of Dongfeng Light Vehicles Surpass 2021

In Tunisia, the team has provided solutions to common quality problems to strengthen dealers' confidence in the Dongfeng brand. Chinese ambassador to Tunisia, Zhang Jianguo, paid an official visit to the dealer's KD plant, accompanied by the manager of the Tunisian commerce branch. During the visit, many trade-related issues were resolved and cooperation between the two sides was further strengthened.Year-to-Date Export Volume of Dongfeng Light Vehicles Surpass 2021

In Morocco, the KD service team overcame the difficulties in traveling abroad during the Islamic month of Ramadan to provide guidance on vehicle assembly. Moreover, they conducted PDI and maintenance training for customers, and offered versatile services such as maintenance and troubleshooting for vehicles coming to the store. In an interview with the Moroccan national TV, the service team introduced the Dongfeng brand, as well as the full range services, to the overseas audience, which greatly enhanced the brand awareness in Morocco. 

With the expansion of Dongfeng's operation and its growing influence in the world, its vehicles are highly sought after by more and more overseas customers.


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