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Yunnei YNF40 Engine

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  • YNF40 electric control high pressure common rail engine
Product Description
Product Features

Low fuel consumption and environment friendly:

New technology, 2000 bar high pressure common rail system imported from abroad, reaches National IV and V emission standards and is very close to National VI standard.

Strong Power:

4.0 L displacement, mid-mount fuel injector, dual tangential intake ports, turbocharged intercooling technology, large torque conserve and high load bearing capacity.

High reliability and durability:

High strength alloy casting, double water jacket high strength cylinder head, spheroidal graphite cast iron crankshaft, featuring good reliability, compact structure and light weight.

Safe and comfortable:

Mid-mount camshaft, hydraulic auxiliary rocker arm and 4 valve ventilation system, greatly reduces engine noise.

Timely services:

No matter where you are, you can get timely technical support, engine repair and parts supply.

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