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SINOTRUK Launches High Horsepower Trucks Powered by Weichai T-Series Engines

Date:2022-08-23 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

JINAN, CHIANA(chinatrucks): On August 22, a product promotion event was held in Jinan for SINOTRUK's high horsepower high-end products equipped with Weichai T Power.

At the event, Weichai displayed its T series super power products, including WP12T, WP13T, WP14T, WP15T and WP13NG, WP15NG, with their power ranging from 460hp to 680hp. Weichai T series power offers outstanding advantages in power, efficiency, fuel economy, reliability, quietness and comfort.

What's more, the T series power also adapts the world's first diesel engine technology platform with a thermal efficiency of 51.09%. The platform can reduce fuel consumption by more than 2L per 100 km through efficient and precise matching and coupling coordination optimization.

Weichai T series power has been tested at an altitude of 4,100 meters above sea level, with fast response and low power loss. It offers a B10 service life of up to 1800000 kilometers and runs well and safe to meet the trunk logistics’ demands for high attendance and high efficiency.

On the promotion site, we can also see a variety of SINOTRUK products equipped with Weichai T series Power available for sale, including two 610hp Huanghe X7 6X4 tractors, 680hp Howo TH7 6X4 tractor, 610hp Howo TH7 6X4 tractor, 610hp Howo MAX 6X4 tractor, 460hp Howo MAX 6X4 tractor, 680hp SITRAK C9H 6X4 tractor, 610hp SITRAK C9H 6X4 tractor.

In the first half of 2022, SINOTRUK won the championship in both sales and market share, with total sales of 88,700 heavy trucks and a 23.3% market share. In July, SINOTRUK continued its growth momentum, ending the month with 10,500 heavy-duty truck sales and a 23.22% market share.

Notably, Weichai Power held more than 32% of the market share in the heavy-duty vehicle market in 2021. As of now, the number of patents applied by Weichai is up to 8,000 items. These cutting-edge technologies and strong reasearch capabilities will help Weichai continue to lead the world in the engine field in future. 


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