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Dayun Bulk Powder Goods Tanker

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  • Dayun Bulk Powder Goods Tanker
Technical Parameter
Product Description
1、Weichai Power
Weichai engine is designed with the new bypass valve pressurizer, to improve the working efficiency under low speed. The new engine can increase the low-speed torque by about 12% and reduce the oil consumption by 10%-15% with the oil calibration of the oil spraying pump in the low-speed area. Weichai engine has reliable quality and long lifetime, which make driving more comfortable in effective and economical way.
2、Hande axle
Shaanxi Hande axles are fully optimized. The axle housing is completely thickened and its work section height is increased. A new quenching technology is applied to the whole half housing, so the whole bending-resistance capability of the driving axle is improved by about 30%. The new quenching technology can enhance gear strength and eliminate possible gear collision.
3、Fast gearbox 
Equipped with the heavy automobile transmission which applied American Eaton technology from Shaanxi Fast. Its novel and advanced design eases gear switching and also improves the bearing capability which is more stable than its predecessor.
4、Drive shaft with Benz technology
The optimized Benz commercial car drive shaft improves the gear shape of the spline and strengthens the gear root. The sliding fork is upgraded and improved. The spline shaft is optimized to match the spline cover. The new end gear drive improves bearing on the connection flange. The new nylon painting technology improves the bearing status of the working drive shaft, reduces drive impact and completely reduces internal wearing loss.
Dayun automobile is equipped with the equal-work section and high-break work section twist-resisting and bending-resisting frame. The bending-resisting capability of the truck’s longitudinal beam and round girder is also strengthened by using the Stery technology.
DAYUN Bulk Powder Goods Tanker Main Technical Parameters
Announcement Model DYX5310GFLWD32/3X/33
Chassis Type CGC1311PA46WPD3B
Cab European luxury cab assembly(high-roof, double bunks),air conditioner, skylight , steering wheel adjustment (four directions)
Engine Type Weichai WP10.336 / WP10.300 high pressure common rail diesel engine(336/300ps)
Clutch 430 diaphragm spring clutch
Gearbox Fast 9JS135 (9 gears)
Frame(mm) 300x80x(8+5)
Front Axle STR 7.5T front axle
Rear Axle Hande 13T /16T (ratio:4.8/5.73)
Emission Standards Euro III
Overall Dimensions(mm) 11990X2500X3950
Tank Dimensions(mm) Straight section 8600X2500
Wheelbase(mm) 1800+4600+1350
Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 31000
Curb Weight(kg) 16050
Rated Load(kg) 14820/ 14755
Economical Speed/Max. Speed(km/h) 75/90
Front Overhang/Rear Overhang(mm) 1430/2820
Tyre 11.00-20/11.00R20,12.00-20/12.00R20
Volume(m3) 35-43

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