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Dayun Motor and Shacman Display New Electric Trucks in Beijing

Date:2018-07-17 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On July 13, the 14th Beijing International New Energy Vehicle Exhibition was held at China International Exhibition Center. At this year’s exhibition, two units electric heavy-duty trucks, one units fuel cell heavy-duty truck and eight units electric light trucks were put on display. 

Dayun Motor and Shaanqi Display New Electric Trucks in Beijing
Dayun Motor exhibited four electric trucks, including three units light trucks and one unit heavy-duty truck. According to the company, these vehicles are equipped with power batteries made by CATL or Hefei Guoxuan. 
Dayun electric light truck adopts 6X4 driving mode and EMT transmission gearbox. Measuring 7,455 mm in length, 2,500 mm in width, 3,515 mm in height, the truck has a rate power of 250 kw. In addition, the front axle of its chassis is able to load 7,5 tons while its rear axle is able to load 16 tons. Its wheelbase reaches 3,800mm+1,350mm.  
Dayun electric heavy-duty truck has a body weight of less than 13 tons. When being recharged by a 120kw recharging post, the vehicle can be fully recharged in just 90 minutes. With 236.7 Kwh power, it is able to travel 150 kilometers continuously. Also worth mentioning is that the truck is able to help its operator cut operation costs by half when compared with a diesel-powered truck. 
Shaanqi (also referred as Shacman) not only brought its electric M3000 truck on display, but also rolled out a fuel cell water-spraying truck.
M3000 electric truck weighs 9,600 kg and has a battery power of 234 kwh. Equipped with a 12-speed AMT, MAN 5.5t front axle, MAN11.5t rear axle, the truck has a speed ratio of 4,111.
Shacman Delong L3000 fuel cell water-spraying truck is particularly targeted at the urban cleaning market. Boasting a continuously driving distance of over 300 km, the truck weighs 6,200 kg. In addition, it is equipped with MAN4.8t front axle, 425 MAN 11.5t rear axle, AMT transmission gearbox, disc braking system, the truck can easily maintain a constant cruising speed. (www.chinatrucks.com)  


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