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Best-Selling Pickup Trucks in China--May 2018

Date:2018-06-25 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

According to the data released recently, pickup truck sales saw 19.8% growth year-on-year to 36069 units in May and 13.94% raise year-on-year to 181262 units in January to May.

TOP 1: JMC VIGUS—Sales in May reached 3436 units, up by 151.3% year-on-year

In the first three months, JMC VIGUS take third place with sales of 11,344 units, rose 61.3% compared with the same period last year. In April, this model continued with the growth momentum, rising to 2rd place from 3rd with sales up 61.7% year-on-year. Total May sales rose 151.3% to 3,436 units, moving up to top 1.

Bes-Selling Pickup Trucks in China--May 2018

TOP 2: SAIC MAXUS T60—May sales up 96.9% year-on-year to 2329 units

In May, SAIC MAXUS took the 6th place with sales of 2329 units, an increase of 93.6% year-on-year, which is beyond everyone’s expectation.

Much of these sales are contributed by overseas market, where SAIC MAXUS pickup exports climbed 282.1% to 1150 units in May. This allows SAIC MAXUS to take over Great Wall, JMC, Nissan and ZXAUTO as an export leader in China.

Bes-Selling Pickup Trucks in China--May 2018

TOP 3: Great Wall Wingle 5—May saw a 24.1% rise to 9054 units

Great Wall Wingle 5 has been growing at a slight double-digit pace of 24.1% since 2018. When compared to its total sales of roughly 10000 units, the top two, JMC VIGUS and SAIC MAXUS T60 still lags far behind.

In March this year, Great Wall opened a new production base in Yongchuan, which is mainly intended for the production of luxurious pickup trucks and H9 model. These additional high-end pickup trucks will increase counters in the future competition.

Bes-Selling Pickup Trucks in China--May 2018

Additionally, Jiangxi-isuzu D-MAX, Ruimai, Nissan Ruiqi pickup also maintain a strong growth, the Nissan NAVARA and Huanghai N3 also achieved new records for sales. As more favorable policies implemented in pickup truck market, more and more high-end and fashionable pickups are favored by customers with growing competition.

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