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FOTON OLLIN HL Hybrid Light Truck


Today we test drive a new product launched by OLLIN. This OLLIN Hybrid HL light truck. OLLIN is serious about making hybrid light trucks.i-Blue is built on the new generation of product platforms.The new energy strategy has been integrated into the vehicle since its development.

This is not an electric vehicle converted from a conventional diesel/patrol vehicle, but a tailor-made logistics truck. The chassis has been tuned specifically for new energy application scenarios. It is equipped with 14KW lithium manganate battery packs from MGL with higher energy density compared to lithium iron phosphate batteries. It can work under below minus 30 degrees Celsius. The vehicle can travel 50 km when running on electric power only. In addition to the 70-litre fuel tank, it can travel 1000 km in combined working conditions.

Unlike a pure electric truck,it doesn't require you to charge frequently. If you do intercity transport or cold chain transport, you've made the right choice with this vehicle. As a hybrid, we have to talk about its engine. This vehicle is equipped with Yunnei's De wei D20. The engine's hill climbing and acceleration is in no way inferior to that of D25. Strong power needs a strong frame. This reinforced steel frame is 80cm wide and weighs only 2.3 tonnes,  so it's definitely powerful for rough work. It's too hot. Let's get in to see its interior. I feel very comfortable in the new cab. Close the door and turn on the parking air conditioner. It consumes only a fraction of kilowatt electricity per day. It comes with an ECVT transmission that shifts smoothly and noiselessly, freeing up your left foot and right hand. It is very friendly both for the complex start ups and stops working conditions in the city and for female drivers like me.

The starter motor starts work when you start the vehicle. So we notice that the cab is very quiet because the motor runs very quietly. At this point, the vehicle has accelerated instantly.

If you step on the brake, the engine will stop working. At the same time,the energy is recovered to recharge the battery. The whole process gives users smooth driving experience with no stuttering. OLLIN hybrid uses the power split(PS) plug-in hybrid tech and connects the motor with transmission in parallel. It can run in diesel or full electric mode, or both at the same time for greater power output. The HCU controller can determine whether the vehicle switches from dual drive mode to single mode according to load speed and road conditions. Average fuel consumption per 100km for a conventional fuel-power truck is 12 Liters, while this one consumes only 9 litres of fuel. Its overall fuel consumption is therefore about 30% lower than that of a fuel vehicle.


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