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Company Name:Desert Concrete


Message:I have 2 Foton ISF 2.8 light trucks. Fabulous vehicles. Couldn’t be happier with their performance. I have been trying to source information on how to purchase replacement parts for Foton ISF 3 ton trucks on a regular basis. Are you able to assist me please?


Country: Mexico

Company Name:Individual


Message:We have several of FAW trucks here in Mexico, We need to start importing direct from you the spare parts (It takes a long time to get them in Mexico). Right now we need the following parts for the Break Sistem: We will order the parts for one truck and if everything works, we will order the parts for our entire fleet. Model: FAW GF 6000 Truck Series: 3GEA4RCG88M001127 Parts: Front Break Pads X2 Rear Break Pads X2 Rear Break Drums X2 Right Rear axle Bearings X2 Left Rear axle Bearings X2 Right Front Axle Bearings X2 Left Front Axle Bearings X2 Front Axle seal X2 Rear Axle Seal X2


Response:The discussion has been underway, but we need some further support from your side. 1. Do you mind purchasing these parts directly from the FAW manufacturer? 2. Would you kindly send us some pic of FAW GF 6000?



Company Name:Saban Sanat Sepahan Co.


Message:We need 2-10 transmissions. The budget depends on the cost of a single one, I can whether increase or decrease the quantity of my order based on the price of each one. It is not going to be installed on a truck, but a unit called "trailer mounted twin acid & cementing pumping" which consists of a complete cementing equipment, including twin-pump, twin-engine, cementing unit, single-pump, single-engine cementing unit, batch mixers, skid mounted, truck-mounted and trailer mounted. We are a company leading in oil, gas and petrochemical industries. We have also been manufacturing of Mobile Oil Separator (M.O.S), Mobile Oil Treater (M.O.T), Separator, Disander, Desalter, Desilter, Slag Charger, Reciprocating Pump (Plunger), Hydro Cyclone and Injection Package in Iran since 1991.


Response:Your request for purchasing 2~10 Allison 4700 OFS transmissions has been received and transferred to Allison Transmission manufacturer. They will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



Company Name:Corporate Insisavan and Associates


Message:We want to buy new electric trucks with technical specifications similar to those of internal combustion engines. We have a fleet of 200 diesel engine trucks. I send you the technical specifications of the internal combustion engine so that you can offer me an electric alternative. We would like to test with some of your new electrical units. No purchase commitment. What can you offer me?


Response:Thank you for your kind inquiry. Woud you purchase brand new electric trucks to replace the 200 units diesel trucks? Or your just want to modify the 200 units of diesel-powered trucks into electric-powered trucks? Which brands are these 200 trucks belong to? Could you send us some pictures? Where would you use these electric trucks? I appreciate very much for your confirmation.


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