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ZOOMLION Exports Batch of Mining Machinery to Ecuador

Date:2024-01-23 Author:Mera Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On January 17, a shipment of ZOOMLION wide-body mining machinery were sent out from the production base to Ecuador. With this successful export to Ecuador, ZOOMLION has gotten off to a good start in the South American market in 2024.

The model being exported is the ZT115A, which has been a big hit in China. But this is a "customized version" designed and developed specifically for overseas road conditions and habits. With a rated weight of 75 tons, it features strong power, large loading capacity, sturdy structure and high efficiency, making it a good transporter for all kinds of open pits.

Since its launch, the ZT115A mining wide-body truck has seen booming sales and is gaining increasing popularity among overseas consumers. Now, it already has its presence in South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa. Many customers repeatedly purchased the product and spoke highly of its performance. 

Meng Qingyong, general manager of Zoomlion's Mining Machinery Division, said that South America, as an important production area of global non-ferrous metal mines, is a place contested by many international mining machinery enterprises. The world's largest 10,000 ton ZOOMLION reclaimer are still in use which were put into use for the Vale project in Brazil in 2011; Last year, Zoomlion's mobile crushing products and excavators and other equipment were also exported to Argentina and other countries. It is believed that this export will lay a solid foundation for its further expansion in the South American Market.


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