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Foton Secured an Order of 1,000 Units View Vans

Recently, Foton successfully secured a deal of 1,000 units Foton View business vans from Henan Digital Agriculture Co , Ltd The signing ceremony was held at Foton Light Business Vehicle Department Zhao Jianmin, Chief Director of Foton Light Business Vehicle Department and Vice President of Foton Commercial Vehicle Group...[more]

Overseas recommendation topic of Chenglong Motor

In 1954, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co , Ltd was founded In 1969, it began to produce motors In 1981, it joined Dongfeng Motor Group Co , Ltd In 1997, it carried out the reform of shareholding system In 2003, it gained greater development In 2005 and 2006 it became the only domestic self-developed brand ...[more]

China Trucks Industry Tour
China Trucks Industry Tour 2017

Chinatrucks com is setting up a team to visit China trucks industry If you have any idea of purchasing China trucks or some other business cooperation, please don t hesitate to join our China Trucks Industry Tour...[more]