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Overseas recommendation topic of Chenglong Motor

In 1954, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co , Ltd was founded In 1969, it began to produce motors In 1981, it joined Dongfeng Motor Group Co , Ltd In 1997, it carried out the reform of shareholding system In 2003, it gained greater development In 2005 and 2006 it became the only domestic self-developed brand ...[more]

"Low Carbon" Footprint of China Truck

During "Eleventh Five Year Plan " period, energy saving and emission reducing have been promoted by nation Moreover, president Hu Jintao has also proposes the necessity of development of new energy and environmental protection auto Natural gas heavy trucks with low cost and energy saving ...[more]

China Trucks Industry Tour
China Trucks Industry Tour 2016

Chinatrucks com is setting up a team to visit China trucks industry If you have any idea of purchasing China trucks or some other business cooperation, please don t hesitate to join our China Trucks Industry Tour...[more]