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FOTON Jamaica | “Should I Buy New Trucks, I'd Still Go with FOTON AUMAN”

Date:2024-04-18 Author:Linda Source:www.chinatrucks.com

In October, 2022, I met the first partner in my life, FOTON AUMAN dump truck. We bought two units at once for the first time from Foton’s local dealership, Key Motors Ltd. the dump trucks we bought is among Foton's most popular and best-selling line of heavy-duty trucks in Jamaica. Since then, they have been accompanying us as a good business partner. 

Our company, Big Life Agriculture Ltd. is located in the region of Saint Catherine in Jamaica, and focuses on citrus and livestock farming, as well as trucking operations for all types of aggregates. We use this truck to load some sand, marl, stone/gravel, shingles, bauxite and hydrate. The estimated round trip is 360 kilometers.  
"This truck is equipped with ZF transmission which is well recognized in the industry. Powered by ISGC Cummins engines, the power is strong, up to 430 horsepower, every time even if the road condition is very poor, it can handle it easily. And he especially emphasized that this truck can bring in high level of comfort, making the truck like a mobile home.” Lenford, the head of Big Life Agriculture told us in an interview.
There have been some minor problems such as a flat tire due to the dry hot weather in Jamaica and an oil leak from the air compressor. But Foton's after-sales service is very complete, we called them and they arranged personnel to help us out in the first time. 
When it comes to Chinese trucks, the customer shared us its vision. The customer said: “Foton has a certain degree of local popularity, and all after-sales services are sound, which makes it one of the most popular automobile brands in the region. At present, various models of Foton vehicles, including heavy and light trucks, buses, vans and pickup trucks, have been sold in Jamaica. In particular, Foton has launched its first Euro 6 emission self-loading garbage truck in Jamaica this year, which will help make loading and disposal of heavy-duty garbage easier, reduce pollutants and help Jamaica achieve sustainable development.”
Recently, the customer said that its company intends to purchase a number of new trucks, they would go with FOTON again, their story with Foton will continue......
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