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Eaton AMT Ready to Sell in China

Date:2011-04-29 Author:Eric Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: With AMT is developing fast in China, many spare parts makers are making every effort to lead in this area. Eaton is ready to enter Chinese markets with their rich experience on AMT and engines.


Eaton booth in Auto Shanghai 2011
Eaton booth in Auto Shanghai 2011

During Auto Shanghai 2011, general manager of Eaton in China, Wang Zhan explained Eaton AMT and their strategies in China. As a multi-functional power enterprise and one hundred year history, Eaton has mature technologies on power system, and each small parts on gearbox have been tested for long time.

Eaton Ultra? Shift PLUS AMT
Eaton Ultra® Shift PLUS AMT  


Mr. Wang introduced that conveyor belt and bearings such small parts also play important roles, and it is not just simply piecing these parts together, only optimal combination can use their full potential. And that is why Eaton insists choosing supply chinas strictly.

Wang Zhan, General Manager of Eaton China
Wang Zhan, General Manager of Eaton China


Eaton is speeding their localization process apart from innovation on technology. Eaton has chosen some excellent domestic suppliers and they also have three or four China company to provide fuel cells and electronic motors.



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