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Production and Sales Analysis of JMC Motors

Date:2015-06-11 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: JMC Motors released the sales data in May, and they sold 20,000 vehicles, down 6.3% over last year, and they sold 10,000 light trucks, up 12.4% over last year, and they sold 3743 JMC pickups, down 26.7% over last year.

In general, the data from the company saw decreasing in three consecutive months, whereas the sales in end shops are increasing for three consecutive months. The storage for the company decreased 2000-3000 units. The profiting ability of the company is improving.

We predict that the sales of light trucks increased by 30%, and the sales of light buses are similar to that of last year, and sales of pickups and SUV decreased by 10% and 25%. The good sales of light trucks indicates that the market identity of light trucks are good, and the brand competitiveness of light trucks are good.


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