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Fast Signs a Big Order for Hydrodynamic Retarders

Date:2015-07-22 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: According to the builder of Fast hydrodynamic retarders, it has successfully signed the order with Yangzhou Shengda Special Vehicle Company for 215 units and this is the biggest sales order for the single plant as of today. Based on the requirements, Fast will delivery 120 units firstly in end July and then the rest 95 units before the end August.

It is learnt these 215 units of hydrodynamic retarders will all be provided with the wide-bodied dump trucks, which are going to be exported to Burma by the buying party mentioned above. On account that dump trucks often work in the terrible operation conditions such as long or narrow slopes and heavy grade and it require a high demand on braking devices to ensure the steadiness and control during running, besides strong loading capability as well as long working term.

Fast has independently developed hydrodynamic retarders in the eighth successive year, whose sales volume increases year by year since launching the market. With the accumulated reputation and technology elite, the market demand on Fast hydrodynamic retarders sharply grow this year and the sales volume of products has exceeded that of the whole year in 2014.

Additionally, Fast hydrodynamic retarders have been applied on the various models of dozens of auto builders such as Shacman, Yutong, Yaxing and CAMC respectively, gaining appraisals in uniform due to strong technical strength, qualified products and considerate service offered by the builder.


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