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Shanghai Autoshow: Foton to Launch Aumark S1 Super Light Truck

Date:2017-04-18 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

www.chinatrucks.com: With the opening of Shanghai Autoshow, Foton Aumark, as a leader in Chinese high-end light truck market, will launch its brand-new S1 super light truck with the pure “European lineage”. 

Shanghai Autoshow: Foton to Launch Aumark S1 Super Light Truck
Foton Aumark S1 Super Light Truck
It is said that S1 super light truck is developed for various city logistics and special operation conditions. It selects government, high-end special logistics and refitted vehicles as their target customers and provides them with “intelligent and highly effective” logistics service. It finds a balance between transportation capability and quantity, seamlessly addressing the demands for city-suburban and city-city logistics. 

Shanghai Autoshow: Foton to Launch Aumark S1 Super Light Truck
 Aumark Super Truck Family Member: S1, S3 and S5
As a matter of fact, like Aumark S3 super light truck and S5 super medium truck, S1 super light truck also comes from a noble family. It is developed by Foton’s German R&D center together with Mercedes-Benz and Cummins as well as ZF, WABCO and other global leading companies. The world’s most advanced manufacturing system and digital production technology has been used in the production. Hence, it is born with noble qualities due to its European lineage. 
Shanghai Autoshow: Foton to Launch Aumark S1 Super Light Truck
Interior Show: Aumark S1 Super Light Truck
Aumark S1 super light truck combines European intelligent technology and uses latest CANbus to meet the expansion requirement in coming 5-10 years. The iFoton system in S1 combines 5 basic platforms including intelligent vehicle, network communication, intelligent terminal, cloud platform and big data, thus achieving 5 core functions including economical use of vehicles, intelligent driving, intelligent logistics, fleet management and Telematics TSP, forming two management systems consisted of intelligent security service system and intelligent service management system. By Telematics, the communication among country, OEM, dealers, service providers, users and fleet management teams can be mutually conducted. By providing “intelligent truck + intelligent logistics” and “people+vehicle+cargo” product ecosystem that processes front-end intelligent terminal and back-end telematics, S1 can easily meet the demand from modern intelligent logistics in the internet era. 


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