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Weichai Made Delivery of 150-ton Large Mining Trucks in Batches

Date:2021-11-22 Author:Sarah Source:www.chinatrucks.com

YANGZHOU, CHINA, November 22, /chinatrucks.com/ -- At 9 a.m. on November 8, 2021, the first delivery ceremony of Weichai-Shenhua Wuhai 150-ton large mining trucks was held in Yangzhou. The CPC Committee Secretary, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, and Chairman of Weichai Group Tan Xuguang delivered the "Golden Key" to Shenhua Wuhai Company. This meant the domestic industry has completely broken the global monopoly, demonstrating Weichai’s confidence and strength in insisting on innovation-driven and technological independence.


Weichai Special Vehicles, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weichai, has more than 50 years of special vehicle research and development and production history, and is responsible for the development of large-scale mining trucks for Weichai Group. The 70 ton, 90 ton, 110 ton and 150 ton mining trucks are widely used in mining and transportation at open-pit mines, and had won praise from users, breaking the foreign monopoly of large mining trucks and achieving independent control.

Shenhua Wuhai and Weichai Special Vehicles have a long-term good cooperation. Since 2018, they have purchased and used more than 50 90-ton mining trucks from Weichai Special Vehicles. With reliable performance and high economic benefits, it has won high praise from Shenhua Wuhai. This time, Shenhua Wuhai chose Weichai's 150-ton mining trucks again, which fully reflects the development trend of China's mining equipment toward large-scale, and also marks Weichai Group's advantage in large-scale powertrains, breaking the monopoly of imported large-scale mining special equipment and completely realizing independent and controllable domestic products. It provides strong support for the large-scale, high-end, and intelligent transportation equipment of Chinese mines.


The 150-ton large-scale mining truck delivered has accumulated more than 50,000 hours of trial operation, with a total mileage of more than 360,000 kilometers, a 70% increase in efficiency, and a 10% reduction in unit energy consumption. This product adapts to the general trend of large-scale mining equipment, including energy saving, environmental protection, and safe operation. It is equipped with the "mining truck’s golden powertrain system", consisting of Weichai Group's 17-liter engine + 3300 Nm high torque 8-speed gearbox + 60-ton drive axle. The operation equals the output of two trucks, which would significantly reduce the density of vehicle presence, greatly reduce operating costs, and bring more considerable comprehensive economic benefits to customers.

With self-reliance, Weichai will bravely take on more important tasks. Weichai will continue to accelerate the pace of innovation, provide more reliable, efficient, independent and controllable solutions for the construction of China's smart mines, and provide strong product technical support for China's efficient mining transportation equipment industry to go global.


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