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HONGYAN's First Hydrogen-powered Trucks Start Operation in Ordos

Date:2021-11-23 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

ORDOS, CHINA, November 23 /chinatrucks.com/ -- On November 22, a ceremony was held at Inner Mongolia Zhengneng Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. to mark the operation of HONGYAN Hydrogen-powered Heavy-duty Truck in Ejin Horo Banner. At the ceremony, Hongyan announced that the first hydrogen-power heavy-duty trucks it delivered to customers in Ordos will commence operation. This is a significant milestone for SAIC Hongyan as this marks another step closer towards its full commercialization of hydrogen-powered trucks.

The fist 6×4 hygrogen trucks will be used for transporting coal from the collecting-transfer station to raw coal pit, covering about 100 kilometers distance on one way.

HONGYAN hydrogen-power heavy-duty truck comes standard with 100.3Kw.h CATL battery with a torque range of1600-2500N.m. In addition, it is equipped with a high-power hydrogen reactor system developed by Jieqing Technology, which is able to develop an output rated power of up to 117 kW and peak power at 120Kw. With industry’s leading battery volume power density of 3.7KW/L, it can meet any application and can cope with the complicated conditions like the strong power needed for hill-climbing while travelling across the coal pit in the process of coal transport. The hydrogen tank provides the truck with maximum 31 kg of hydrogen and permits for a range of 400km, with one filling of hydrogen lasting just 15-30 minutes. HONGYAN claims that its hydrogen-powered truck requires about 7.2-14.5kg of hydrogen per 100km, thus ensuring a high vehicle attendance rate.

Generally, Ordos enjoys a climate with the lowest recorded temperature of up to -30℃(degrees celsius). Even in such an extreme condition, SAIC HONGYAN truck can still start up in 30 seconds. At the same time, the low-temperature properties of hydrogen power also makes it an attractive choice for winter application.


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