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Weichai Aims to Perform a Leadership role in Large-scale Mining Equipment

Date:2021-12-08 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

YANGZHOU, CHINA, November 8 /chinatrucks.com/ -- On December 6, 2021, Weichai Special Vehicle (hereafter referred to as Weichai), a subsidiary company wholly owned by Weichai Group, held a business conference 2022 and launched new products in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province with the theme of "setting a new benchmark for wide body mining trucks and leading the development of large-scale mining equipment". At the conference, Weichai Special Vehicle set the goal to be a leader in the development of large-scale mining equipment and launched new products to provide more offerings for customers.

Weichai Aims to Perform Leadership role in Large-scale Mining Equipment

As Weichai continues to customize core components to meet customer needs and adopt scientific concepts, a new product platform has been established. Armed with this flexible new product platform, Weichai was able to extend its product lineup to 70T, 90T, 110T and 150T for different application scenarios in large open-pit coal mines, metal mines, and a wide range of sand and gravel aggregate mines.

To comply with the national emission regulations, Weichai special vehicles are equipped with WP12/WP13 national-IV engine. At the same time, the WP15NG gas engine has been launched, which can cover the current range of WP12/WP13 and meet the non-road Euro-IV requirements. Its WP17 engine adopts V8 structure to ensure abundant power and smooth running. With up to 570kW power output, it can meet the Euro-IV emission standards for off-road trucks.

Weichai 2022 WT110 and WT150 series products were developed after a comprehensive market research, and are the first and the only product of its kind in the Chinese market, said Qian Zhusheng, general director of Weichai Special Vehicle.

In the business conference, Weichai Special Vehicle also held a ceremony to celebrate the launch of its new mining truck WT110, and showcased its WT90, WT110 and WT150 mining truck, WT90EV full electric unmanned mining truck, WT125 wide body mining truck and unmanned mining truck. Also it signed a strategic order for the supply of 2600 units equipment at the site and held a delivery ceremony with customers from Xinjiang, Inner mon , Shanxi and Shanghai.


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