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400 Units of FOTON AUMAN Trucks Delivered to an Int'l Brewery Group of Nigeria

Date:2022-04-01 Author:Daisy Source:www.chinatrucks.com

NIGERIA -- Today, “Going global” has become the main industry theme as domestic commercial vehicle market enters into a new stage in competing for the existing resources. Meanwhile, China's automotive companies have opened a new chapter in improving vehicle quality and export volume in their journey towards globalization as they actively implemented globalization strategy. Against such a backdrop, FOTON overseas maintained a good momentum and received many orders from overseas market in the first quarter in 2022.

400 Units of FOTON AUMAN Trucks Delivered to an Int

Recently, 400 AUMAN GTL heavy trucks were officially delivered to Nigeria, which is the second order urgently added by the customer with its business expanding after its first purchase of 100 AUMAN heavy trucks in early 2022.

The customer company to which these AUMAN trucks were delivered is called Nigerian Breweries Plc, the largest brewing company in Nigeria. With over 70 years of history, it serves primarily the Nigerian market and exports to other parts of West Africa. Recent data shows that the company had about 437.19 billion Naira in revenue ($1.05 billion) in 2021, up 29.7% year-on-year. However, the company is facing costs rise in sales and operating despite the impressive results.

400 Units of FOTON AUMAN Trucks Delivered to an Int

As a brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc has strict control over raw material and transport costs. Particularly in the context of the global pandemic, the rising cost of raw materials, personnel management and other costs are constantly squeezing the profit margins of company. Therefore, the company localized the raw material purchase to ensure a sustainable supply of raw materials to further reduce costs and improve efficiency. As for the transportation of beers, Nigerian Breweries Plc has regarded transport efficiency, attendance, and fuel economy as key considerations when purchasing vehicles.

Nigeria is known to have many "pain points" such as road congestion, low transport efficiency and high costs in its road transport system, which indirectly affects the timeliness of material transportation. The transport ability enhancement is therefore not only essential for the efficiency of the beer company, but also an imminent demand to ensure people’s needs.

The special requirements required by the beer industry for conditions of road transport have led Nigerian brewing companies to make higher demands for the vehicle reliability and dynamics. And the 400 AUMAN trucks FOTON Motor delivered this time are precisely custom-built as required. A comprehensive iteration and updating have been performed on these vehicles based on its original version in order to adapt to the operating conditions in Nigeria. After upgrading, its fuel saving, efficiency, carrying capacity, volume and attendance have all got improved significantly.

1. Fuel Efficiency

AUMAN GTL Africa version is equipped with Cummins engine, and delivers not only higher reliability, but also achieves higher fuel efficiency as its 2000 bar ultra-high pressure injection common fuel rail system can reduce fuel consumption by 5-10% through full combustion. At the same time, the EBP fuel-saving switch can also automatically correct the driver's bad driving habits. And its engine has been designed to be lightweight, with a weight reduction by 300kg, allowing users to control costs while significantly increasing transport capacity.

2. Reliability

AUMAN GTL has been certified to high strength body collision prevention by the Germany Rhine company and surpassed 10 million- kilometers road verification, delivering greater safety and reliability. In particular, its Cummins engine adopts modular design to reduce the failure rate, and the 16T rear axle with Mercedes-Benz technology has made its load capacity increased by 40% as compared to the previous 13T rear axle.

Tell a good story of Chinese trucks going abroad with the customers in mind

It was thanks to its outstanding performance in power, reliability and fuel efficiency that Nigerian brewing company became a loyal customer of FOTON Motors. FOTON also therefore became the other heavy truck brand that the customer has been using in addition to its European and American brands. At present, the number of FOTON vehicles owned by the company is close to 900, accounting for 60% of its total transport vehicles.

The 400 AUMAN GTL heavy trucks delivered this time is the second order urgently added by the customer following its first purchase of 100 AUMAN heavy trucks in early 2022. Upon receiving the order, FOTON Motor immediately coordinated with multiple departments to re-plan the production line and control the manufacturing cycle, especially in face of many risks such as local spread of the epidemic and drastic fluctuations in raw material supply, to ensure on-time delivery.


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