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Scania V8 650S Limited Edition Launches in China

Date:2022-06-29 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

CHINA -- On June 28, 2022, with the theme of “When Emotions Meet Logic", Scania launched the high-profile limited edition V8 tailored for China for the first time via livestream. This launch marks the introduction of Scania’s top-of-the-line model in the Chinese market, as well as many supporting services and upgrades to meet both the emotional and rational demands of customers.

Scania V8 650S Limited Edition Launches in China

The limited edition V8 tailored for China is equipped with an S-series high-roof cab and 650 hp 16-liter V8 engine. It adopts the red colour preferred by Chinese customers. What further differentiates it from other models is the dragon-shaped sticker specially designed for this V8 limited edition, which is one of a kind.Scania V8 650S Limited Edition Launches in China

"With the rapid development of China's logistics industry, premium trucks are no longer an unattainable dream for Chinese customers. They are expected to be powerful, efficient and comfortable, and display their strength," says Gerard van Keulen, Executive President of Scania China Group and Managing Director of Scania Sales (China) Co., Ltd. "Scania V8 has always been at the top of the value proposition for total operating economy with its outstanding performance and uptime.

In addition to its stunning appearance, this limited edition V8 tailored for China meets the highest emission standards – CN6b at this stage. Equipped with the GRSO926R 12-speed gearbox, it can reach max torque of 3300Nm at 950rpm; The engine revs are able to stay at 1090rpm in the 12th gear at vehicle speed 89km/h, With further powertrain optimization of high torque and low revs logic means that the vehicle can still remain powerful when driving at high speed with low engine revs. Upgrades are not just about power output. Thanks to the improvement of materials and technology, this Scania V8 engine is at least 80kg lighter than the previous V8 platform , and its overall fuel consumption has also been further reduced . In addition, the standard Michelin tires with the Three-peak test certification improve vehicle performance on mountain roads and in cold weather.Scania V8 650S Limited Edition Launches in China

Mike Janssen, Director of Pre-Sales at Scania Sales (China) Co., Ltd. explained: "In the late 1960s, the 14-liter V8 diesel engine developed by Scania engineers shocked the world when it was launched. Of course, Scania has developed and updated the engine many times over the years. However, the basic concept of eight cylinders arranged in a V-shape and a power output which surpasses that of most competitors has remained unchanged. The durability, fuel economy and strong power of Scania V8 are still the reasons why it is highly sought after by customers. Imagine that we were on a route that intersects flat roads and mountain roads, then Scania V8 would be the most suitable choice, as it can not only ensure timely arrival on flat roads, but also tackle the challenges on mountain roads with confidence."

In parallel with the launch of Scania's V8 650S limited edition in China, a total solution including services and financial services were simultaneously provided to better meet the demands of customers for higher uptime.

With the V8 650S limited edition on sale in China, the owner will enjoy a2-year vehicle warranty, 2-year/600,000-km Periodic Maintenance, 2-year Scania Local FMS, 2 tons of Scania Ad Blue, 2-year Fleet Care + Driver Coach + Driver Training package while purchasing a new vehicle. Moreover, the V8 owner can also benefit from the financial services including 3-year Return To Invoice and 1-year Business Insurance. This total solution can ensure customers operate more efficiently, truly attain "Perfect Condition, Professional Maintenance, and Excellent Product", and ultimately help customers achieve an excellent total operating economy.

Scania V8 650S Limited Edition Launches in China

Jesper Nystrom, Director of Sales Solutions at Scania Sales (China) Co., Ltd. concluded: "The market demands more efficient and cost-effective trucks to significantly reduce CO2 emissions per-tonne kilometre. From a perspective of sustainability, Scania's launch of the V8 product and its total solution is a response to these demands and trends, and it will also raise the market's perception of the word 'premium' to a higher degree. ”

V8 will provide our customers with better support and broader opportunities than before with its luxurious image, strong power and outstanding fuel economy, so as to drive our customers’ business forward V8.


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