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Scania China's Localized Fleet Management System S+ was Officially Launched

Date:2022-07-05 Source:www.chinatrucks.com

On the basis of the ever-evolving concept of Scania's Global Fleet Management System (FMS) and using advanced data collection technology and algorithms, Scania has launched FMS that is more suitable for business applications in China's localized market – Scania FMS S+. The system is specially designed by Scania based on the operation characteristics of China's logistics fleet and user needs, and jointly developed by the world's leading Internet of things technology company G7. G7 is also responsible for all technical support and after-sales service related to the terminal equipment of the system. The new Scania fleet management system S+ offers a faster response, improved location accuracy, better compatibility, clearer visualized analysis and more user-friendly interface.

As the development of digitalization has promoted industrial upgrading, the application of advanced management tools such as FMS has brought fleet managers into a new era of smart management. How to read complex data, quickly identify and make full use of the effective information, how to help fleet managers improve efficiency and make quick decisions so as to achieve cost-effectiveness... These are at the core of Scania's initial considerations when developing the localized FMS.

Like most of the work we do at Scania, less is more. Scania FMS S+ is also built in this way. Instead of simply listing and stacking data, it presents data and analysis results including vehicle location, fuel consumption, load, mileage and driver's performance in the form of visual multi-dimensional graphic clearly. In particular, it is able to warn high-risk vehicles that do not meet the requirements for safe driving, allowing fleet managers to easily control the operating status of each of the vehicles in their fleet. The one-click report export function provided by the system can generate customized and personalized reports according to the different needs of customers, helping busy managers save time and greatly reduce costs, and improve operational safety.Scania also launched a special S+ Campaign, in which users who are interested in using Scania FMS S+ can equip hardware devices for free and bundle 1 year subscription when purchasing new vehicles. and user also can purchase S+ hardware for their rolling vehicles and are also entitled to a free annual fee. By activating the service, customers can view the vehicle details at any time via the Scania FMS S+ webpage scnfms.scania.com.cn or Application Scania S+, which is available for Apple and Android system.

In addition, the compatibility of Scania FMS S+ has also been greatly improved. If customers hope to monitor vehicles across multiple brands, they can also purchase this system and install it on other vehicles.

In the future, Scania experts and technical staff will continue to optimize and iterate the system, bring more value-added services and create greater value for customers.

In China, the transportation industry is moving towards intelligent connectivity, electrification and automation. The development of digital technology in China has attracted worldwide attention. For Scania, it is very important to further understand the digital needs of the Chinese market and customers, and delve into China's vibrant technology ecosystem, so as to create new value for our customers with fresh thinking and business models.

China is one of Scania's most important strategic markets. Scania will always adhere to keep customer needs as its core. We strive to help our ambitious customers succeed in the fast-changing Chinese market with all the solutions we have and to become their best partner.


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