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Hongyan Genlyon H6 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor Unit

Date:2023-09-06 Author:Tom Source:www.chinatrucks.com

With hydrogen fuel being in the public eye, more and more hydrogen-fueled vehicles are being introduced to the market. Today we will talk about the powertrain of Hongyan Genlyon H6 hydrogen fuel cell tractor unit. 

Equipped with a 360 kilowatts electric motor from CRRC, Genlyon H6 FCV tractor unit can deliver a maximum output power of 490 Horse Power and torque of 2500 Newton meter. The truck has a large hydrogen storage tank and can travel nearly 400 kilometers on a full tank.

In addition, the truck is equipped with a FAST 6-speed AMT transmission, which was developed by FAST specifically for new energy vehicles. The top gear the AMT transmission can shift into is overdrive. This truck can be maneuvered as easily as a sedan.

On each side of the body we find that, there is a battery system. The battery system utilizes a lithium-ion electronic system from CATL. One of its roles is to help us start the hydrogen fuel cell system, and the other is to increase the driving range when there is not much hydrogen left.

There in front is an electric pump. It is exactly what the braking system relies on to supply air for the whole vehicle's drive system.

Since the core components of this vehicle are supplied by well-known brands, you can be assured about its performance.


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